Aluviharaya – Gotten from the Sinhala word ‘Aloka Viharaya’ giving the significance as ‘Lit Temple’, Alu Viharaya/Aluwihare Cave Temple is a landmark in the Matale region and is of basic significance to Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Thripitakaya which contains the teaching of Lord Buddha was resolved to write right now. The substance was passed from age to another by listening in on others’ conversations up to that point.

Arranged in Matale district, Alu Viharaya has a history going back to the rule of King Devanampiyatissa. The lord is said to be the maker of the sanctuary. It is said that the main stupa ever to worked in Sri Lanka, Thuparamaya in Alu Vihare was manufactured and the Bo tree here was planted by the Lord himself and afterward assembled a few additional stupas and planted Bo trees in different pieces of the nation to proliferate Buddhism.

This superb sanctuary has given in and interesting stories are behind all of them. The glorious stone towards the east of the principle cavern was giving a shadow to the cavern front and for an obscure explanation, the cavern had given more light than it was assumed to have. The Sinhala word for light being ‘Aloka’ the cavern became to be known as ‘Aloka Lena’ and afterward became Alu Lena. In the wake of building the sanctuary, it became Alu Viharaya.Aluviharaya

Legend says that there was a Buddhist priest perusing ‘Atuwa’ inside Alu Lena and the King everything being equal, Sakra had given light to him and subsequently it became Alu Lena.

Regardless of being scorched and pulverized ordinarily by Dutch and English intruders the sanctuary complex is as yet worshiped by Buddhists around the world. The properties of the sanctuary including the Blue Sapphire adorned in God Vishnu statue were conveyed among them. When torching the sanctuary by Malay armed forces sent by British rulers, Buddhist ministry lost the priceless legacy that existed for a considerable length of time until the end of time.

The yearly perahera of Aluviharaya happens each April facilitating countless crowds easily. The Tripitaka composed on Ola leaves, priests reciting pirith, artists performing Kandyan, low nation, Sabaragamuwa and Hindu moves, drummers and number of elephants make the expo progressively like a multi-social event.


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