Bopath ella

Bopath Ella is located in the village of Agalwatta in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka. The waterfall is named as Bopath Ella because it flows in the form of a bay leaf during well watering. The first waterfall, which falls through a narrow opening, then expands and resembles the shape of a bowl.
Bopath Ella can access from two main roads.

One road from Ratnapura – at Higgshena junction and the other is near Kuruwita police station. The waterfall can be accessed through these two access routes of equal distance. The village of Bopath Ella is called Angalawatta. The distance from the main road is 3 km.Bopath Ella
Bopath Falls has become a popular tourist attraction today. Despite the lack of attention by most people two or three decades ago.Bogasa is a sacred tree for Buddhists. Therefore, these falls have the same sacredness. The ancient rulers who came to pay homage to the Saman Devalaya have joined the legend that they had gone to Bopath Ella.

Go Pro For More HighlightsGo Pro For More HighlightsAnother story from the old is that a young girl who had abandoned her boyfriend had jumped into a waterfall and her spirit was moving around the waterfall. Another well-known myth is that there is a treasure on the inner side of the waterfall, protected by a waterfall and a mysterious spirit.

Apart from the beauty of the surface, it also has a dangerous and dangerous nature. More than 80 people have died as a result of careless climbing along the slopes of the falls. The most common cause of these deaths is reckless behavior in an unfamiliar place and drinking.