Dalada Perahera

The Dalada Perahera –  is one of the most traditional and traditional festivals in Sri Lanka. This festival is organized by the Dalada Maligawa and the Asgiriya / Malwathu Maha Viharaya.
The most popular part of the Esala Festival is the Randoli Perahera. This festival has become a unique symbol of Sri Lanka. This is a Buddhist festival consisting of dancing and elegant elephants. The festival marks the conclusion of the traditional water cutting ceremony held on the full moon day of Nikini.Dalada Perahera Festival

Once the Sacred Tooth Relic arrived in Sri Lanka, a procession was held in honor of the Sacred Tooth Relic. 412 AD The Chinese national Fahien, who came to Sri Lanka, says a description of the Dalada Perahera which was held in Anuradhapura early. Then the capitals of the Dalada Perahera changed due to the change of the capital cities. The capital of Senkadagala was established in 1592 AD when King Wimaladharmasuriya founded the capital Senkadagala.

The general purpose of the Esala Festival and Procession held in the month of Esala is to obtain rainfall and fertility for cultivation. Every Esla festival starts with a cup. When planting a cup, a tree with a milky jackfruit is cut and cut and planted in the devalaya. A tree with milk is a wedding sign. All the features of the procession symbolize the rain. Heavisi – drumming – sky rocking. The actual rain in the procession is like a cloud. The dancing is loud. It is like lighting torches. These common features of every Esala Perahera are aimed at obtaining the rain needed for cultivation – sunlight and fertility.

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