Embecca Devalaya

Embecca Devalaya – Spots like Embecca devalaya in Kandy pull in visitors to Sri Lanka upon the entirety. Despite the fact that much consideration has not paid by the arrived at the midpoint of the visitor about the historical backdrop of this spot this would have been the best wood cutting work in Sri Lanka. The Devalaya situated in the Udu Nuwara divisional secretariat was developed by King Vikramabahu 3 (1357-1374 A.D) during the Gampola rule. As per the authentic records, it was worked around 1370’s.

The Embecca devalaya is a building to love Mahasen supposed as Kataragama god. All the while there are 3 segments of the blessed spot. In detail, they are Hevisi mandapaya (drummer’s lobby), Digge (moving corridor) and sanctum or Garagha. The sanctuary site was planned by a drummer called Rangama and the sovereign of Vickramabahu 1 named Henakanda Biso bandara. Prior to the Devalaya was a three celebrated one yet today you can see the tremendous carvings of the remaining. It is featured in the ‘Embecca Devala varbnanava’ about this development and the incomparable Sri Lankan engineering utilized.


The incomparable Embecca Devalaya turned out to be progressively acclaimed in view of the lovely and multifaceted wood carvings on the mainstays of the drummer’s lobby. Since Embecca Devalaya was proclaimed as a national legacy site it has become a high positioned vacationer goal of Sri Lanka. When you enter the Devalaya these wood carvings in the columns and rooftop are astounding. Carvings of wooden blossoms, swans, and legendary creatures underneath the Devala rooftop are ended up being entranced. Indeed, even the nails used to manufacture the sections additionally wooden nails. The yearly Perahera is a unique capacity that happens. Numerous sightseers are cotton on to see the drummers, conventional artists, wonderfully beautified elephants, and whip wafers. The staying cut timber columns and pillars were worked during the matchless quality of King Rajadhi rajasingha.

EmbekkaBeing a landmark of Kandyan wood cutting the Devala site is available to people in general. In any case, recollect not to enter the area with your shoes and shoes. Each cutting has a chronicled worth, name and story. 126 distinct enhancements, 256 examples of ‘liyawel’ and 64 lotus blossom structures are the highlights utilized by the specialist. Indeed, even not many of the botanical plans are included in the Ordinary level prospectus. You can likewise visit the ‘Sinhasana mandapa’ not many meters from the Devalaya which the lord used to sit his position of royalty and watch the Perahera.


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