Great Basses

Little Basses & Great Basses – Two of the most popular destinations for international shipping are located in the southeastern seas of Sri Lanka. Two amazing lighthouses in the world have been built on this rock, which has long been the site of ships that sail the Seven Seas. These two rocks, associated with the most striking news stories of sailors’ news, have been known as two dead spots on the eastern seaboard. Today, these two types are widely used as the only gate bases, while the little bases.

Some scholars speculate that the oldest kingdom in the history of Ceylon was the Ravana’s Lanka Pura. A number of articles and books have been published around the world. The fact that Sri Lanka has such an important place in it will undoubtedly be a source of pride for the people of the South and South East.Great Basses & Little Basses

This pair of hemispheres lies in the ocean of Kirinda in the Hambantota district and is spread over the ocean for many miles parallel to the sea. The Maharawana Fort and the Little Ravana Fort are located 8.5 nautical miles (15.5 km) from Kirinda and 26 nautical miles (47.5 km) from the sea.

Great Basses & Little BassesGeologists say that they are made of sandstone that extends from the ground, and that coral reefs are visible due to long periods of coral accumulation.

It is not difficult to Identify between a small Ravana Lighthouse with a white stripe surrounded by a black stripe and the Maha Ravana Lighthouse which is uniformly bright with white color.