Kalkuda and Pasikuda Beaches

The two beaches of Kalkudah and Pasikuda are located about 34 km north of Batticaloa. There are two nearby beaches, but these two look very different.

Most people already know about Pasikuda beach. With a number of luxury hotels recently built, this area has become one of the best beaches in the north of the country. Due to the sickle beaches and the shallow sea for a long time, Pasikuda beach has its own beauty.

The Kalkudah area is quite different. It is a lonely look that is unnoticed by most people. Despite being a popular tourist attraction for a long time, with the tsunami, all the hotels and resorts in the area were destroyed. Even today there are plenty of fishing boats in the area. Kalkudah is a place where you can study the life of ordinary people.

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