Kalpitiya Beach

If you are interested in sea life, Kalpitiya is the best place to go. Even though the peninsula Kalpitiya is a rural area that has been overlooked for a long time, after the end of the war, it has developed into a tourist destination.

Kalpitiya is a place where you can watch sea creatures as well as surfing and water sports. The windy weather in the area has attracted a lot of kite surfing in recent years.

However, the most popular task is to get on a boat and take a tour of the Kalpitiya Sea. There are plenty of dolphin swarms playing in the waves. If lucky, you may occasionally see whales.

The other major tourist attraction is our country’s largest coral reef in that area. This coral reef, known as the Bar Reef, is spread over 307 square kilometers. The Bagh Reef is also known as the highest biodiversity coral reef in the entire Indian Ocean region. Therefore, if you go diving or snorkeling in the area, you will find plenty of marine life. You can also see tropical fish, tigers, coral reefs, and turtles.

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