Kaludiya Pond

Kaludiya Pond (Kaludiya pokuna)

This is one of the famous ponds in Mihintale. It is believed that the Buddha Kakrama Thera had come under a tree in the vicinity of the Black Pond one day.
Some legends about the Kaludiya Pond in Mihintale are said to be about one hundred and seventy feet or so in depth. It is also said that this is one of the forces that are said to exist in Sri Lanka. It is said that many of the legends say that this place was used by the great kings of Ravana in the recent past to join Sakkalath. There are also some stories that say that they are detained. These are not rational or proven. The old folk who live today express a similar opinion, even though there is a tendency to believe it or not. It was connected to Matale. It is said that there is a gateway on the other end of the road at Matale too. Kaludiya Pond

Anyone who sees the Kaludiya Pond can see the seats around the pond. It is said that Kalabuddha Rakkitha Thera used to have a meditation in the place where he was associated with Sakwaliyana. It is said that there is no such seat There is some information that there are some problematic events in the “Sakmana” section of the terrain, some of which may even cause changes in the magnetic field. . Foreign inspectors are still conducting investigations in the jungles of the area. Sigiriya and Ranmazu Uyana, which are often mentioned in the gates of Sri Lanka Bikkala, can be mentioned here.