Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range(nuckles), which covers both the Kandy and Matale Districts, is a 21,000-hectare mountain range bordering the Mahaweli River on the south and east, bordering the central hills and the Mahaweli Plain on the west.

The Knuckles Range is a unique ecological zone located in the Udadumbara, Medadumbara, Minipe and Panvila Divisional Secretariats among the major mountain ranges located in the Kandy District. It covers an area of ​​62 square miles and is between 3,000 and 6,500 feet high.

Knuckles Range consists of five peaks. Gombaniya is the highest mountain in the Knuckles Range. It has an elevation of 1920m. It is located on the western edge of the Knuckles Mountains.Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range is one of the highest scenic ecosystems in the Kandy District, providing protection to Sri Lanka’s endemic flora and fauna.

Knuckles  Range is important to Sri Lanka not only because of its ecosystem but also for many other unique reasons. According to a study conducted by the World Conservation Union, 1033 species of flowering plants belonging to 141 genera have been identified in this area. nucklesOut of them 160 species of plants are endemic to Sri Lanka. Of these, 225 are species of wood, and the rest are shrubs or plants. About 27.4% of the total plant species recorded in Sri Lanka and about 17.3% of the endemic plant species recorded in Sri Lanka are found in the Knuckles Hills. There are also six species of plants that are endemic to the Knuckles site.

479 species of amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, butterflies and snails have been recorded from the Knuckles Mountains.

The Knuckles Mountains are one of the most valuable ecosystems in Sri Lanka. So there are a lot of places that tourists can go in this Knuckles mountain range.

For those who love to climb mountains, this is bound to be an adventurous, challenging and innovative experience.