Sembuwatta Lake
Lake Sembuwaththa –  a mountainous tea plantation in the middle of the Russa Fines forest, is a 35 feet deep “Sembuwaththa tank” that flows in the heart of the tourists.

The tea plantation was started by the British during the colonial era and was used as a polo stadium by whites in the area around the tank. But in 1949 a tea factory was built adjacent to the Sembuwaththa estate and a tank was built in Polo Ground to provide electricity.Lake Sembuwaththa
Some 20 years have passed since the tea factory was closed, but it is still providing electricity to the houses built around it.
Legend has it that Kankani, who was attached to the plantation, had fled to India and that his son had made the Kovil a place of water. Legend has it that the name “Sembuwaththa” was derived from this. Visitors can now see the ruins of the Kovil.

In case you are a nature sweetheart, by then you can’t skirt this spot from your outing list. Little lodges are open around the lake to sit and release up you.

Hunas course and the Hunas falls motel are somewhat near Lake Sembuwaththa where you can expand your visit. As there are no shops around the lake plan your sustenance and refreshments before you start to scale. Sembattuwa Lake is a spot that is adequately worth journeying.

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