nine arch
Nine Arch Bridge – The Kandyan countryside reminds us that it is not only the beauty of many of the districts of the Uva Province but also the ancient historical heritage of Sri Lanka, which until 1947 had been invaded by various nationalities. But for a non-Developed country such as Sri Lanka, it was a huge improvement to the country. Even today they will be alive as a masterpiece and among those Nine Arch Bridge is a special masterpiece.
Nine Arch Bridge
Nine Arch Bridge is a tourist attraction. Because of its location and the beautifully landscaped tea plantations. The Nine Arch Bridge is about nine kilometers from Badulla and about 12 kilometers from Bandarawela. Although the railway line has several bridges, it is specially designed to have a height of 50 meters by 9 arches.
Today, this place has become a popular tourist destination. The opening story of this place is a beautiful story. During the British rule in 1920, when the railway was going to be constructed from Badulla to Bandarawela, a 50-meter high slope area was found in the Demodara area, so the engineers in charge decided to stop the construction of the railway. However, after the construction of the bridge with nine arches, the engineers have used the same method to create a bridge in front of a small boy, preserving Sri Lankan pride. The beauty of the place cannot be defined in words. The place is a frequent sight of foreign tourists and it is a great support to the tourism industry in the Uva Province.