Pothuwil beach

When asked about Sri Lanka’s most popular east coast, the simplest answer is the Arugam Bay. However, due to its popularity, most of the vacationers in Arugam Bay do not like to vacation. But don’t worry, the Pottuvil beach fishing village, located very close to the Arugam Bay (about 6 km away) is a great place to visit.

Pottuvil beach surrounded by sparsely spaced peaks, the sea waves on the Pottuvil coast are different from the rest of the country. So a person who is surfing in the Pottuvil Sea can get a slightly different experience. In fact, most tourists coming from Arugam Bay to Pottuvil are hoping to experience this amazing surfing experience.

Biodiversity in Pottuvil is very high. There are many species of trees that grow along the coast, as well as a number of animal species. Even wild elephants live in some of the thickest forests in the area.

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