Rawana Falls

Rawana Ella –  is located in the Uva Province, in the central climate zone, approximately 220 km away from Colombo. Viewed from the foot of the falls, the waterfalls from two tops of the hill and disappears simultaneously with three main layers of water. Since then, the height of the Ravana Falls has been estimated as 25 m (82 ft), which traverses the fourth layer of the river and goes in search of the Kirindi Oya.

High humidity around the waterfall, As a result, both rock formations have a dense forest form, with a narrow passage leading up to the beginning of the third stone layer parallel to the waterfall through the stone block on the right. Apart from the south-west monsoon rainfall which falls from May to November. Due to the prevailing dry weather conditions from January to March, the water level in Rawana Falls is consistently low.Rawana Ella

There are many legends related to Ella. According to the ancient Rama Ravana story, King Rawana was hiding in a cave near this waterfall.

The Ravana Falls, the ancient Raja Maha Vihara, and the Dova Purana Vihara are located close to this waterfall. Those of you who visit the Rawana Ella Purana Raja Maha Viharaya can see the cave where King Ravana hid Princess Sita.

There is a bridge near the waterfall. From the bridge, you can see the beauty of the falls. The place also has plenty of food and drinks for travelers. Some tourists try to cross the falls. There have been several accidents. I would love to see the beauty of the falls without doing such things.