Riverston – Found roughly 30 km from the Matale town, when going on Matale – Girandurukotte street, somewhat breezy with many fasteners turns however in great condition, offers incredible perspectives all around with a smaller than usual universes end, parcel less went by standard vacationers. Climatic conditions here are fundamentally the same as Horton fields with the expansion of having two extraordinary cascades “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”, the two of which are a sight for sore eyes, remember to unwind on the stone seats of “Sera Ella” savoring the cool hazy splash of water all over and Thelgamu Oya offers an incredible site for a dunk in perfectly clear yet cold water.Riverston

Voyaging further upstream on this grand stream will no uncertainty will cause you to feel revived and restored. We suggest that you plan a trekking trip (02.5km) to the fog clad Riverston top through pittawala pathana, as it offers probably the best perspectives on the focal slopes over the end of the small universe which finishes in a sheer drop of 300 meters offering an incredible vista particularly of the “Knuckles extend”, and the thelgamu valley beneath with its terraced paddy field technique interesting to the focal slopes of Sri Lanka.

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