Sigiriya which is located in the semi-arid zone of Sri Lanka belongs to the Matale District. There is a beautiful mountain range around Sigiriya. It is bounded by Nuwaragala and Galinda Mountains in the East, Kandalama Range in the South, Lenadora Range in the West and Ritigala Mountains in the North. Sigiriya is famous as a fortress and a fortress. King Kashyapa AD History states that Sigiriya was made a kingdom in about 477 AD. The royal palace at the top of the rock, the brick statue of the lion, the frescoes of the lilies, The Sigiriya Cathedral wall, including the Kandy and the Mosque, water parks, trenches and walls are some of the most noteworthy places. There are many legends about Sigiriya. Was it King Kasyapa who built the Sigiriya? These legends are built on such facts.

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