Adisham Bunglow

Adisham Bungalow – From a stone bungalow in the middle of the forest reserve. Would you like to experience the tranquility of a mildly cold environment? Then go to Haputale Addisham Bungalow The Adisham Bungalow is located in. Adisham Bungalow is located in the Uva Province Sri Lanka and You have to travel to Haputale – Boralanda road. When you reach the Adisam bungalow, you will have to travel to the bungalow only after 9 am. The viewing period ends at 4 pm. But it should be visited on weekends or on public holidays (excluding Good Fridays and Christmas Days). The Adisham Bungalow

The Adisham Bungalow is built on a high plain in Tangalle, Haputale, which is about 5,000 feet above sea level. It is a land of about ten acres. Walking through the forest of the big trees, you come across the orchards and You can see this magnificent palace. The bungalow was started in 1929 and was built in 1931 by Thomas Lister Willis, an English estate manager.

This is a replica of the Leeds Palace in Kent, which was infinitely loved from childhood.Tiyudo and Jakabiyan fashion collection can be described as completely as Dupuy bungalow Adisam black stone. Burma teak wooden roof, tall windows and doorways, antique furniture, and its architecture will amaze you. In 1961, the palace was handed over to the Silvestro-Benedictic Order.