The Sri Padaya

Samanalakanda or Sri Pada is a must visit for any traveler. At the top of the butterfly mountain is the Siri bottom. It has a Buddhist shrine attached to it. When the Buddha arrived in Sri Lanka in the eighth year of his enlightenment, it is said that the sacred footprint may have been installed there. This mountain is 2,243 meters high and belongs to the Ratnapura District. Sri Pada is a beautiful place surrounded by several mountain ranges. To get there, there are about six routes. Ratnapura – Palabaddala, Hatton – Nallathanni, Kuruwita – – Erathna, Muriyawatta, Mukuwatta and Malimboda roads. The Nallathanni and Palabaddala roads are well known.

It is said that even the kings who ruled this country worshiped Sri Pada. There is no mention of the first king who worshiped Sri Pada. Even so, BCE There are reports that King Walagamba, who ruled from 29 to 17, paid homage to the Sri Pada. The kings Vijayabahu, Parakramabahu the Fourth, the Fourth Mihindu and Sri Sangabodhi worshiped the Sri Pada. Legend has it that King Sri Nissankamalla discovered the Sri Pada. Therefore, the climbing of the Samanala mountain, the worship of the Sri Pada Buddhist shrine, as well as the legends that read about it It is impossible to focus on the beliefs and beliefs of wildlife.

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