The Temple of Gadaladeniya

The Temple of Gadaladeniya – Gadaladeniya Viharaya (Temple) is a Buddhist sanctuary arranged in Pilimathalawa, Kandy. It is arranged about 12.5 km toward the west of Kandy and 3 km from the Lankathilake Temple. It is one of the biggest stone sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It was worked in 1344 by King Buvanekabahu IV. The sanctuary was worked by a South Indian modeler, Ganesvarachchari and thus has a South Indian touch in its structure.The Temple of Gadaladeniya

Gadaladeniya Viharaya is likewise known by the names of Saddharmatilaka Vihara and Dharma Kirthi Vihara. The stone outcrop, whereupon the sanctuary stands, has a cut engraving with subtleties of the development of the sanctuary. The sanctuary comprises of a principle altar and a subsequent holy place. The last is named “Vijayothpaya” or “Vijayantha Prasada” which is named after the legendary royal residence of god Indra. This sanctuary was developed by King Parakramabahu V, after the development of the fundamental hallowed place.


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