The easiest way to reach this place is from Kiran Junction on the A15 on the East Coast Road. This junction is about 1 km from Pasikudah. 8 km south and 10 km from Batticaloa. About 25 are located in the north. Km from Kiran to the foothills of Thoppigala. There is a distance of about 21 km.

Thoppigala Kanda, a unique geographical location in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, belongs to the Kudumbimale Grama Niladhari Division of the Koralei Pattu South Divisional Secretariat, Batticaloa District.
The liberation of the Thoppigala area from the clutches of the terrorists is considered to be a decisive victory in the overall war effort. Built to commemorate that past, the monument and the information center maintained by the Army are important places to help understand the Thoppigala heritage and its uniqueness. To understand the uniqueness of Thoppigala, one has to go to the top of it. The foothills can be reached by vehicle and from there to the top of the hill. There is a distance of about 700km.Thoppigala

In addition to its geographical value, it is also home to a number of sites of high archaeological value. Ellawala Medhananda Thero, an archaeologist, concluded in 1983 that there are many archeological sites that have not yet been properly established, not only in the vicinity of the Thoppigala rock but also in the vicinity of a number of nearby hills such as Motagala, Nelugala, Iddagala, and Wesi Banda Gala. Has done.

Also known as Kudumbimalai (Kudumbimalai) in Tamil and Baron’s Cap, which means “aristocratic helmet” in English, the peak is named for its unique shape. In this vast plain area, among the remnant mountains that appear here and there, m. Thoppigala peak at a height of 534 m is of special importance.

During the war on terror, Thoppigala was especially talked about due to the military importance of the area. In April 2007, troops launched an offensive against terrorists confined to the Thoppigala area, with the contribution of the Commando Regiment’s Long Range Deployment. By July 11 of that year, they had completely liberated the area.